Using Improvement Tools



There is a range of tools that individuals and teams can use to support their efforts to improve conversations and processes.
The tools can enhance conversations while supporting adoption of the Universal Principles.
For the most part, the tools are simple procedural instruments - methods for doing things effectively and efficiently.

Tool Time for Business by David Langford David Langford’s book Tool Time for Business is the most comprehensive and easy to use reference we have found for the tools, with detailed instructions for approximately sixty tools.


The benefits of using business improvement tools are :

  • Gaining insight into your part of the system and processes
  • Collecting relevant data and undertaking analysis for improved decision making
  • Engaging individual and team creativity
  • Identifying and reducing variability in key processes
  • Integrating theory and experience for better outcomes
  • Embedding a continuous improvement mindset
  • Capturing todays learning as a basis for the next conversations (enterprise memory)
  • Maintaining the gains to become a learning organisation


The Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Process summarises the approach.