Mentoring Leaders


Mentoring Leaders is a key aspect of successfully implementing Enterprise Excellence. Leaders set the direction and tone for the organisation and have a profound influence on perceptions and behaviours of all staff in their quest to achieve mutual goals.

This is the reason that we begin with the engagement and commitment from the CEO and Senior Executive Team in order for them to live and demonstrate the Enterprise Excellence philosophy.


Some of the aspects that we actively pursue are :

  • Commitment to using the Universal Principles, Processes and Tools to drive Enterprise Excellence
  • Focussing on the areas where you should put your energy to work 'ON' the System
  • Developing the Level 1 Systems View of your Enterprise
  • Flowcharting your Core Leadership Processes
  • Building your capacity to ask the Conversation Changing questions
  • Understanding and activating the intrinsic motivation of your people
  • Selecting the initial Excellence Champions and Opportunities for Improvement
  • Developing the Process Mind Map and appointing Systems and Process Owners
  • Using today's learning as the basis for the next conversations