Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does Enterprise Excellence take to implement ?

It depends where you are starting from and how much knowledge you have already captured.

Typically though, we find that most organisations benefit enormously from exposure to the enterprise excellence approach in under six months. In about a year they are familiar with the key aspects of the approach. After 2-3 years large organisations  are usually running the show themselves and only come back to us to deepen their knowledge on particular aspects. Having said that, we have had client relationships that have spanned over a decade, because they think we are still able to add value and we think relationships are important.

2. How much does it cost ?

We have hourly and daily charge out rates for our Delivery Partners. We charge at contemporary industry rates for this work.

We have a recommended training approach to cover the key aspects of enterprise excellence that we can roll out in consultation with your executive management needs and resources. This framework is regularly adopted by Local Government, Aged Care and School sectors as an effective way of implementing enterprise excellence.

The bottom line is that you can control the exposure and cost based on our conversation of where you are and where you want to go. We cater for different industry sectors and in some sectors like the SME sector we can facilitate access to external funding to significantly assist your Enterprise Excellence implementation.

3. Will we have EEA Delivery Partners at our organisation regularly ?

EEA Delivery Partners will have a significant presence at your organisation in the start up and delivery phases, however our focus is to build client capabilty. This ensures that everyone understands the direction the organisation wants to head in and that there is a solid understanding of the principles and tools they will use to transform the "way things are done around here". 

As people become proficient in understanding and applying the tools and changing the conversations we will continue to be available for coaching and advice.

4. Will we be able to be self reliant with developing our enterprise excellence program in the longer term ?

The short answer is yes. This is our aim to make your organisation self sufficient in the application of the enterprise excellence philosophy and tools. We are not doing our job properly if this does not ultimately occur. You decide when it is time to fly "solo".

5. Is enterprise excellence like any other management intervention? We have tried to change things in the past, why is this approach likely to be any different ?

Our approach to Enterprise Excellence is quite different. You will find elements of it that you have probably heard of before, however, the uniqueness of our approach is in the application of the philosophy and tools in a wholistic way to serve the wellbeing of all stakeholders. All four areas of profound knowledge are covered and this avoids the usual partial intervention that conventional management approaches often engender.

6. Can the CEO and/or executive delegate this program to other senior managers ?

We have found that without the commitment, active involvement and leadership of the CEO the adoption of enterprise excellence in a whole of organisation way will not succeed. This is because leaders set the tone and direction and must be able to actively live and champion the philosophy. We spend significant time with the executive to ensure they understand the importance of aligning their behaviour with the principles and helping others on the excellence journey. 

7. What sort of resources are needed to implement enterprise excellence ?

We ask each organisation to purchase selected materials for the training phase. We then help you program staff attendance at training times so that they can gain the new skills to apply to their jobs. There are other resources such as videos and further reading that can be purchased as staff become further advanced. So the most needed resource is time available for staff training.

8. Can we implement this approach in stages as resources and funds become available ?

Yes, this is desirable. We recognise that different business sectors and organisations of different sizes will require a customised approach to fit with their stage of development and available resources. We offer this approach, particularly to SME's for this reason. Larger organisations will often commit to longer phases of implementation due to having relatively greater resources. 

9. We are really busy, is enterprise excellence going to stress out our staff with extra workload ?

One of the benefits of enterprise excellence is that we can readily use the improvement tools to apply to existing work practices and improve them. The dual benefit is that we are training staff in new improvement techniques and they can apply the outcomes to their existing work requirements immediately.

There will be some time working "on the system" whereby we are actively delivering ideas and material to all staff in the initial training program that will require them to go off line from their day to day jobs. This is the investment now to help get off the busy loop and gain effectiveness and efficiencies in the future. 

10. What if we have already done a lot of work in improving our organisation? Can we build upon this with enterprise excellence ?

We find that most organisations already have many good working elements in place in their operations. However, it is generally the case that many of these improvements in the past become isolated from other parts of the organisation and may not be delivering the gains that were expected of them in the first place. The enterprise excellence approach helps integrate areas of the business and then substantially improves them with the tools we offer. We therefore build on what is there rather than reinventing the wheel.