Rob Palmer

In addition to many technical qualifications, Rob holds a Graduate Diploma of Marketing. He has completed Senior Management courses at the University of Melbourne and the Australian Management College, Mt Eliza.


Director – Southern Cross Quality Advisors Pty Ltd

Director – Enterprise Excellence Australia Pty Ltd



Rob joined the PMG (Post Master General) as a technician-in-training in 1955 and left forty years later as a National General Manager. He had experience in Engineering, Training, Marketing, Sales and General Management during this time, having returned to formal education mid-life.


In 1988 Rob discovered the leadership philosophy of Dr Edwards Deming and set about applying it as a Regional General Manager. Staff morale and customer satisfaction improved dramatically while costs decreased. He successfully applied the same philosophy as a National General Manager between 1991 and 1994. Rob left Telstra in 1994 to set up Southern Cross Quality Advisors Pty. Ltd.


Rob has had the privilege of face-to-face input from Deming, Juran, Conway, Joiner, Camp, Imai, Covey, Tribus, Senge and Lundin.


During the last six years of his career at Telstra he personally led one thousand employees serving 50,000 customers in application of the philosophy to dramatically improve customer perception, staff morale and profits.


Over the last nineteen years since leaving Telstra Rob has assisted over six hundred enterprises to move towards sustainable excellence. A number of these have been recognised at various levels in the Australian Business Excellence Awards up to “Gold” achievement.


Rob’s main area of expertise are mentoring CEOs, Managers and staff in living the Business Excellence Principles to achieve well-being for all stakeholders


Organisations worked with :

  • Local Government: Forty Three local councils and shires from Cairns to Barossa.
  • Education: More than two hundred primary and secondary schools to use the Business Excellence philosophy to run the school and transform the classroom.
  • Aged Care: More than thirty Aged Care enterprises to improve well-being for all stakeholders within available budgets.

Small and Medium Enterprises: More than three hundred small and medium enterprises enabling them to access the Business Excellence philosophy, process and tools.